Safety And Firearm Education – Firearm Training

Coming soon! Stormrunner LLC in conjunction with the CCHFA will be hosting SAFE:  Safety & Firearm Education

Hosted by Certified NRA Instructors with a wide variety of speakers and trainers. These firearm training courses will come with special discounts to CCHFA and NRA Members as well.  Many will include lunch, your classroom materials, refreshments.  Some courses will include ammunition, or have options for ammunition to be included.  Firearms will not be included at this time.

Upcoming NRA courses include:

    • Basic Firearm Training Courses

      • Basic Pistol
        • Suitable for all persons 21 years of age or older.  Will not include Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit.
      • Basic Rifle
        • Suitable for anyone age 9 and up.  Basics of rifle maintenance, safety, selection & usage.
      • Basic Shotgun
        • Suitable for anyone age 9 and up.  Basics of shotgun maintenance, safety, selection & usage.

Other classes include:

  • Home Safety

    • A class focused on personal protection in ones castle.  Not suitable for children under 15 without a parent present.
  • Intermediate Firearm Training Courses

    • Beginner 3-Gun
      • Includes carbine/rifle, shotgun, & pistol training with a focus on ranked courses & matches.  Beginner friendly!
    • Intermediate firearm training courses of various types


Group Therapy Training

A pet project that is close to my heart.  Firearm training & practice, coupled with fitness, & bible ministry.  Dubbed ‘Group Therapy Training’; it will be open to anyone 21 and older and be an open forum to talk about life’s daily trials that we endure & How to view those through a lens of Christianity.  Then, several hours of physical cross training & firearm training; pistol, rifle & shotgun.  Other curricula will include non-certified training in trauma first aid, preparedness, violence counter-tactics, & other topics.