About me



In a world of crazy costs for small business & navigating good deals versus scams is ludicrously hard.  I'm a dad of 2, husband of 1 wonderfully supportive wife.  After trying multiple avenues to generate extra income through a small business I've discovered that most places just want your money & give you as little value for it as possible.  Especially in the advertising space.  We want to help you get the most bang for your buck by creating captivating ads for your product & service inexpensively and quickly.  Using your message,& media.  Still you, just cranked up to 11.

Small Business Advertising That Doesn't break The Bank


Options & features, but a strong suite of features for all videos, including branding, text & more!

Engage Your Customers Across Platforms


Use video to turn your blog followers into your video followers with Blog-to-Video options & turn your best content into videos that engage your current followers and customers, but draw in new ones rapidly.

Your Products & Services


Highlight your products features or your businesses services without breaking the bank.  Create compelling high quality videos that can deliver your message across multiple platforms